In 2006 Warren and Deborah Klein purchased Dinsdale Poultry, Hamilton’s specialist retail and wholesale poultry processing business.  At this time Dinsdale Poultry primarily processed for an independent wholesaler.  Warren and Deb had a vision for Dinsdale Poultry to diversify every twelve months.  In the first twelve months the goal was to branch off and distribute their own product as well as secondary processing for other wholesale distributors.  As demand for high quality smoked chicken became evident in the Waikato market, Warren researched and developed a recipe to create a prize product “ Klein’s Premium Manuka Smoked Chicken.”  Dinsdale Poultry had then diversified into manufacturing as well as secondary processing.

The retail market became the focus in the third year as the shop was taken from an expansive poultry and seafood retail outlet store to a boutique speciality store selling solely Free Range Chicken & Seafood.  The timing of this could not have been better.  Chef Jamie Oliver had just raised awareness of the health benefits of using free range chicken and this had a significant flow on effect to the New Zealand market.  At the time Dinsdale Poultry gained a lot of publicity by being an early supplier of free range products.

In 2010 due to the growing demand for a good old fashioned butcher shop, Warren and Deb refurbished and rebranded Dinsdale Poultry to Lifestyle Meats.  Lifestyle Meats now has a traditional red meat butcher on staff and a purpose-built butchery.  Their aim is to produce top quality ‘homemade’ meat products to suit everyone’s lifestyle.  Warren is proud that even though business has expanded the core values of quality products, customer service and value for money has not changed.

The business has not stopped growing.  Lifestyle Meats now smoke red meat products like bacon and chorizo sausage and have added Halal Meats to their product list.  Lifestyle Meats has also introduced a pet food range to provide a quality alternative to the highly processed mass produced pet foods.

One area that has stayed constant throughout these changes is the in depth knowledge of food hygiene standards and food compliance.  With Warren’s background in the demanding Lamb Export industry, Warren ensures these same high standards are met at Lifestyle Meats.  When he first started at Dinsdale Poultry he introduced a food safety programme using HACCP principles to educate staff on hygiene standards for food handling and processing.  This programme and the diligent work habits of the team earned Dinsdale Poultry Food Safety Excellence Awards every year since 2006.  With the introduction of manufacturing products and red meat processing including home kill / processing Lifestyle Meats now run a registered RMP (Risk Management Program).

Warren and Deb are locals, living in Dinsdale. They have a proud association with many schools, kindergartens and sports clubs. They have two beautiful daughters growing up in the community they support.