Your Fresh, Wholesome Hamilton Butcher All at Less than Supermarket Prices.

Hamilton Butcher – Delicious Juicy Meat, Chicken, Pork and Fish, Fresh Off the Bone, Without Nasty Chemicals . . .

  • Your Freshest Hamilton Butcher . . . our products are processed on site daily – with love.   Unlike a large supermarket butchery where central processing facilities mean your meat may be a day or two old when it hits the shelves.
  • Your traditional Hamilton Butcher where you choose what and how much beef, lamb, chicken or pork you want.  Get one or two pieces without having to choose a 10 piece pack and go through all the fuss of splitting it up when you get home.  Or ask our Hamilton butchers to cater for your special occasion.  Hangis, parties, weddings, twenty firsts and community events – we do it all.
  • Traditional sausages made the old fashioned way using real, natural ingredients.  Real beef, real pork, real chicken!  And if we say it’s a beef and tomato sausage it has real tomatoes – fresh from the green grocer!
  • Your assurred of the highest quality product, as all meats and poultry are inspected prior to entering our Hamilton butchery.
  • Your chemical and additive free meats and chicken where no unnatural hormones are fed to the animals and no nasty preservatives are used to prolong the life of the product.
  • All your favourite meats from beef, lamb, chicken, pork, fish, duck, smoked meats in one convenient and hassle free Hamilton Butcher . . .  ample parking right outside in the Dinsdale Shopping Centre next to Magic Fresh.
  • Your peace of mind about hygiene and food safety, as we are Food Safety Award Winners and have a NZFSA (MAF) approved risk management program based on HACCP principles.  Pre operation hygiene checks along with further quality control measures are carried out through the day. Including testing of fridge temperatures to ensure the highest standards of food safety and quality.


Special Offer from Your Hamilton Butcher

As our way of saying welcome you get 6 FREE DELICIOUS CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS (valued at $6).  All you have to do is pop your details into the “Claim My Free Gift” form at the top right of the screen.  You are directly in the draw for the monthly meat hamper and we will send you a gift voucher for your 6 Free Chicken Drumsticks – no strings attached.